1. Tomas Puig (@tnpuig)

    Thanks for the write up. The team is happy to answer any questions people have in the comments. :)


  2. Danny van Kooten (@DannyvanKooten)

    Awesome. Been using HHVM in production for a few months already but will definitely give this a try later today.


  3. Vladimir Prelovac

    Interesting stuff and thanks for open sourcing it. I am wondering have you played with PHP NG and if so do you plan to include it in the release?


    • Tomas Puig (@tnpuig)

      Hi Vladimir,

      We haven’t played too much with PHP-NG but I believe it is merging into master next release anyways? Feel free to file an issue in github and we can discuss it further with the team.


  4. mfgmk

    10up and WPE sounds like an awesome partnership and this is incredibly exciting news! I’ve been following WP+HHVM for a while now and the only thing that’s holding me back is the BP-compatibility, which I’ve heard isn’t 100% yet.


  5. Michael Beil

    great work 10up and wpe!


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