1. Marie-Aude

    Great Job ! ^^

    Actually, though certainly not in the same proportions as you do, I also have a lot of spam to fight. I finally decided to abandon Akismet, which was not as powerful blocking spams as Antispam Bee. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I blog in French, I don’t know.

    Nevertheless, AntispamBee is efficient enough for me to leave comments open have a very few spams that break through, while have a “do follow seo blog with Keyword Luv” which is a honey beacon for spammers.

    I also had to desactivate the pingbacks / trackbacks and feel sorry about that : it’s kind of unfair for the people doing genuine links, also it prevents my readers from getting informed about potentially interesting posts.


  2. Dragan Nikolic

    “Great post”, Jeff :)

    I scan through all the comments every month including spammed ones, so I usually don’t have a lot of work.

    Spammers are becoming more persistent. I believe Disqus or Livefyre (Oli mentioned) can slow them down, because there’s no website/URL field for them to exploit.


  3. Tom McGee

    I use WPMU’s “Comment Indexer” to compile all the recent comments on my multi-site installation. I set up a private page and use the “Custom Sidebars Free” plugin to place the “Recent Global Comments Widget” on that private page.

    Every morning I take a quick look at my private page, scan down the list of comments, right-clicking the spammy-looking ones to open in a new tab. Then, I edit them to “spam” status.

    As part of a first-thing-in-the-work-day routine, it does a good job of keeping the cruft from appearing on any public pages.


  4. Syed Balkhi

    Yup that’s why we switched to Disqus. Spam is getting out of control.


  5. Christopher Anderton

    I had noticed that blogs/sites i worked with using Swedish, rarely need any other plugin than Akismet. Some of the sites has a lot of traffic. While on english and mandarin based blogs, i switched over to Disqus (actually i’m going that way with the just mentioned swedish blogs. Mostly for the simplicity) because the spam amount was overwhelming, even if Akismet in combination with other plugins did a good job.

    I haven’t seen a decline of comments with Disqus for the sole reason that the blog is using Disqus.

    But i have seen stagnation in the number of user comments in the Swedish blogsphere (the only ones keeping up ”business as usual” is techblogs). The trend the last years is that most comments is now over at Facebook. I think this is somewhat a global trend.

    You share your blog post on Facebook, and then people comment on that post at Facebook, and not the blog itself. That’s why i’m trying to look for a solution to show the same Facebook comments for that post at both Facebook and the blog. This while keeping Disqus or the normal commenting system.

    The problem with this is that comments could end up in two places, and the Facebook ones are not aware of the others. Of course you could use Facebook comments, but that’s not always and option of numerous reasons.


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