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There’s a lot of great WordPress content published in the community but not all of it is featured on the Tavern. This post is an assortment of items related to WordPress that caught my eye but didn’t make it into a full post.

Revolution Slider Possible Cause of Data Breach

Wordfence analyzed the Mossack Fonseca website and discovered that it was running a vulnerable version of Revolution Slider, a popular image slider plugin for WordPress. The vulnerability allows a remote attacker to place a shell on the web server. Whether this is the point of entry for the data leak remains to be seen. While I enjoyed the article, some people on Hacker News ripped it apart.

State of the Woo

The second annual WooConf took place this week where Matt Mullenweg gave the State of The Woo address. Marie Dodson of Torque has a great post with highlights from his session. The biggest take away is that Automattic plans on releasing a Jetpack like plugin for WooCommerce to handle complicated tasks like payments, shipments, taxes, and more.

It’s incredible how many WooCommerce plugins are submitted to us for review. It seems like there’s a plugin that handles any nuance of WooCommerce you can think of. It’s turned into quite a cottage industry and one every product developer should consider getting into.

WordPress Importer Progress Bars

In addition to his work on the WordPress REST API, Ryan McCue is also leading the efforts to improve the WordPress Importer. A few days ago, he published an image on Twitter showing off status indicators. Click the play button to see the progress bars in action.

This is a huge improvement considering it’s currently impossible to know the status of an import. What’s nice about this is that each item in the import file has its own progress bar. Also read the discussion on Twitter as the possibility of using this UI for other plugins like BuddyPress comes up.

WordPress 4.5 OMG WTF BBQ Post

Before every major WordPress release, the support team publishes a post on the support forums that contains important information users and developers need to be aware of. The WordPress 4.5 edition is available and is considered a work in progress. Once 4.5 is released, common issues reported by users are added to the thread like plugin and theme incompatibilities.

WP Lift is For Sale LogoWPLift, a site dedicated to WordPress created by Oli Dale is up for sale. According to the listing on Flippa, the bidding price has reached $55K. The auction has 13 bids with 19 days left. Dale explains why he’s selling the site:

Quite simply, I have been writing about WordPress now on WPLift since 2010 – I have posted just about every week day in that period and the site now contains over 990 posts, I have been finding it more of a struggle to keep up with running the site alongside ThemeFurnace and the addition of 2 children to my family! I would like someone fresh to takeover WPLift who can dedicate more time and fresh ideas to the site.

Over the years, I’ve linked to quite a few articles and discussions on the WPLift site. Whoever purchases the site, I hope they continue the great reputation that WPLift has established.

What Do Video Games and WordPress Development Have in Common?

John James Jacoby published a great series of Tweets using video game images to relate to software development. Here are a few of my favorites.

Admin Theme Review

Jose Castaneda who is a volunteer on the Theme Review Team published a YouTube video that highlights what he looks for when reviewing themes. The video should help developers consider things they may have missed before submitting it to the directory.

A Small Woorld

WooCommerce is a powerful force in the eCommerce industry and it’s reached a point where entire sites and magazines are devoted to the platform. One such digital magazine is A Small Woorld, a publication by the folks over at ProsPress. Small Woorld features in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs using WooCommerce.

A Small Woorld Front Page
A Small Woorld Front Page

One of my favorite interviews from their latest issue involves Honest Brew, a company that utilizes WooCommerce to deliver craft beer to people all over the world. I highly recommend subscribing to A Small Woorld if you want to know how every day people are using WooCommerce to run their businesses.

8-Bit Wapuu

In what is a traditional part of this series, I end each issue by featuring a Wapuu design. For those who don’t know, Wapuu is the unofficial mascot of the WordPress project. This week, it’s 8-bit Wapuu by Melissa Sartor representing WordCamp Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Eight Bit Wapuu
Eight Bit Wapuu

That’s it for issue seven. If you recently discovered a cool resource or post related to WordPress, please share it with us in the comments.


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  1. Thanks for sharing my super quick overview! I’m going to be making a few more videos in the coming weeks using a dummy theme ( doingitwrong ) that has examples of requirements that can be missed by some reviewers and give more insight – and perhaps guidance – to theme authors who submit themes to the repo.


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