Links In Image Captions Possibly Coming In WP 3.4

It was an idea that was proposed by Jeremy Clarke about a year ago and soon, that idea will be turned into a reality. His idea was to fix the image caption system to allow links within the caption area of images. It’s an idea that I support as I’ve mentioned in a previous post as the image caption serves as the perfect opportunity to provide attribution and is especially useful for the Image Post Type.

Ticket #18311 which centers around this functionality has been blessed and looks like it will be added to WordPress 3.4 if all goes well. Everyone interested in this feature should follow the progress made on the ticket as well as test the patch and last but not least, provide feedback.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, so important to give a link as attribution, it is pretty much the only benefit received by photographers and artists kind enough to add their work to the Creative Commons, other than the warm glowy feeling.


  2. I had this problem a while back. I ended up modifying how it inserts and Viper’s Native Gallery Lightbox plugin to allow for links. Works well, but would definitely rather see this natively in WordPress.


  3. Yeah, I usually end up monkeying around with the code of whatever lightbox script I’m using to insert the attribution link but it is far from ideal.

    If you think about it, this is an opportunity for WordPress to standardize polite gratitude.

    It would be even better if they also took the opportunity to standardize unobtrusive DCMA takedown request links for every image, a pretty important precaution you or your users upload images that you believe to be CC but may, in fact, not be.


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