1. Andreas Nurbo

    You can create a completely automated blognetwork also and make money from ads and affiliate offers. Thats what I did lol. I even had an updated magazine like frontpage with latest posts in different categories. Featured posts and everything.

    Biggest benefit I think though is the ease of making niched blognetworks.
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  2. Andrea_R

    @Andreas Nurbo -yeah you can, but the automated stuff is kind of sploggy. :)

    The niche blog networks are actually quite popular. You can build a really great community with WPMU.


  3. Adam W. Warner

    Hi Andrea,

    Nice to see you making the rounds:) These are some great tips for those new to MU.
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  4. Jeffro

    Great post Andrea, thanks for choosing to share your knowledge here at the Tavern.


  5. Seluna

    This has been what I’m looking for since 2.7 and even read up on all of WP’s multiblog capabilities for it. This is good news for those of us who have multiple installation of WP and needs to manually install and upgrade the same plugins over and over again. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Home Business Online Success

    Good stuff Jeffro.. Looking forward to use this great source for a bunch of my clients. It will be a lot easier to have them all in one place.


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