1. Miroslav Glavic

    Andrea Rennick = Andrea_r by any chance?


  2. Jeffro

    @Miroslav Glavic – Yep. That’s her.


  3. Andrea_R

    Oh joy, I wonder what question Miroslav will think up for me. ;)

    Our guests just left today, so we still haven’t recovered fully yet.


  4. Miroslav Glavic

    Andrea: I am the type of person who asks the questions no one wants to ask. I also think people are freaking out over the WP API thing knowing the urls and I am willing to give those people some of my tinfoil so they can protect their brains from Big Brother. :D

    By the way: Every Tuesday Evening at 8PM EST <— from WP Weekly info page, January 5th. is a Monday.

    You know, I listened to WP Weekly both on TS live and on here downloading the episodes I missed but I have never called. I will be asking when will WPTavern t-shirts and Andrea underscore r t-shirts will be available.


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