Episode 83 Rescheduled

Episode 83 which was originally scheduled to be recorded on December 29th has been rescheduled for January 5th. This is due to a number of reasons such as my recent upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, software configuration that still needs to take place, and last but not least, family reasons regarding the guests. By January 5th, I’ll be all set and ready to interview both Ron and Andrea Rennick where we’ll be talking about everything regarding WordPress MU. Can’t wait to hear their thoughts on what the merger means to them and to the broader scope of the project.


4 responses to “Episode 83 Rescheduled”

  1. Andrea: I am the type of person who asks the questions no one wants to ask. I also think people are freaking out over the WP API thing knowing the urls and I am willing to give those people some of my tinfoil so they can protect their brains from Big Brother. :D

    By the way: Every Tuesday Evening at 8PM EST <— from WP Weekly info page, January 5th. is a Monday.

    You know, I listened to WP Weekly both on TS live and on here downloading the episodes I missed but I have never called. I will be asking when will WPTavern t-shirts and Andrea underscore r t-shirts will be available.


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