1. Andrea_R

    Thank you so much for having us on, we had a great time. Would totally do it again. :)


  2. designOdyssey

    I guess, I’m part of the “Millions” of folks listening to the mp3. Andrea and Ron did a great job demystifying MU. It’s really not that hard. I did a good amount reading first, but there are even youtube videos on setting it up.

    Of course Andrea has been great in WPMU forums and I’m patiently awaiting Ron’s Hybrid version of Buddymatic. Something for you jeff to think about given that you use Hybrid News (modified).

    After this talk about the merge and the fact that BP trunk runs on regular WP, I’m stuck on what to develop on. My goal is a BP site with ONE blog. I started on MU because of this but worry that WP plugins won’t work. But, if I develop on BP trunk and regular WP, I’ll be stuck with whatever plugins or other BP code breaks without MU.

    Ah, the possibilities.


  3. Conorp

    My favorite episode yet!!

    Well done Jeff as well as Andrea and Ron :)


  4. Nicolas

    What a great show. I’m really looking forward to the merge. We’re working on a project with WPmu and hopefully this will make things easier as we’re already running a WP powered site.


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