Video: A Quick Introduction to Gutenberg and the New WordPress Block Editor from LinkedIn Learning

Although WordPress developers and professionals have been inundated with Gutenberg news for more than a year, there’s a whole wide world of users who will learn about the project for the first time when 4.9.8 includes a “Try Gutenberg” prompt in the admin. If you haven’t been following the news closely and are wondering what all of this Gutenberg talk is about, Morten Rand-Hendriksen provides a succinct introduction to the new editor that is coming in WordPress 5.0.

The video was created as part of LinkedIn’s WordPress Essentials Training course. The first part explains the basic concept of a block and includes a mini tour of the new interface, followed by a short overview of where the Gutenberg project is going in the future.


7 responses to “Video: A Quick Introduction to Gutenberg and the New WordPress Block Editor from LinkedIn Learning”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. We (so me + the entire production team at LinkedIn Learning) are preparing to release a full update to WordPress Essential Training when WordPress 5.0 and the Block Editor (nee “Gutenberg”) is released. This video is one of three new videos we’ve added to the existing course to keep people appraised of what Gutenberg is, how to test it, and how to provide feedback.

  2. I’ve been so anxious about how Gutenberg is going to mess things up for me (I’m gun-shy with all new technology), that two days ago I added the Classic Editor plugin to my sites.

    In just over four minutes, your video has made me excited FOR Gutenberg! I’ll go add the Gutenberg plugin to one of my sites and start playing with it.

    Thanks for the excellent video and keep on keepin’ on!

  3. I know that there has been heated discussions around Gutenberg, but I believe Gutenberg is going to be a game changer for WordPress. Gutenberg gives you sooo much control of the display of your text, and this will be great for news/magazine sites and other sites that focus on how text should be displayed.


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