1. Carl Hancock

    Great stuff. It is like taking a trip down memory lane. Well done.

    One omission that stood out to me is it seems to omit the history of the plugin community (outside of touching on the concept of core plugins) and completely omits any discussion of the rise and success of the commercial plugin community.

    Themes seem to get all of the attention when there is so much that has happened with plugins: plugins going commercial and becoming a successful niche, similar GPL debates as with themes, debates around SaaS vs. non-SaaS, the forking of Jigoshop, WordPress plugins surpassing mainstream startups in marketshare (Gravity Forms vs. Wufoo/Formstack/Etc., WooCommerce vs. Magento/Etc.), theme companies focusing more and more on commercial plugins as the theme market becomes oversaturated, etc.

    Without plugins WordPress would just be about blogging and we all know it’s far more than that.


  2. John Parkinson


    Great read! I appreciate the link. As a WordPress ‘user’, it was very interesting to read what has transpired over the years.


  3. David Peralty

    The WordPress community in general seems like it was left out of the history book. I think the WeblogToolsCollection and other sites were instrumental in pushing WordPress into being a popular platform… Just my 2 cents.


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