Plugin Competition Winner Announced

wltclogo The long wait is over as has finally announced the winner of this years plugin competition. Honestly, I had no idea this would be the plugin that claimed victory but it’s Section Widget by Godfrey Chan.

Godfrey’s plugin provides a way to display section specific content on your WordPress sidebar with an easy to use interface. This new version comes with tabs support, so creating your tabbed section widget is just a few clicks away. Plus, with shortcode support, the possibilities are limitless! This plugin is well rounded, consistently preferred by all of our judges and reviewers and was well liked by the audience as well.

It’s actually a nifty plugin that can easily turn a page that has 10 widgets displayed on it into a page with three widgets with three tabs to clean up the page at the expense of hiding the content initially. I was rooting for the advanced exporter but alas, there is still a chance to have it implemented into the core of WordPress which is what I will be pushing for.

Congrats to Godfrey Chan for winning all that cash! Hopefully, he continues to develop the plugin as last years winner Comment Remix ceased development after the author won the grand prize. Expect a review of Section Widget soon.


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