Version 2 Of DiggingIntoWordPress Is Out

Version 2 of the awesome book, Digging Into WordPress has been released today. This new version includes a refreshed book cover and information about WordPress 2.9. According to Chris, right when the first print editions of the book sold out, WordPress 2.9 was on it’s way to being released so instead of re-printing the book, they decided to include an extra chapter that exclusively covers WordPress 2.9.

If that weren’t enough, the new book now comes bundled with new themes in light of a brand new chapter that describes how to perform some cool tricks with themes. The only way to get these themes is to purchase the book bundle which is available for the print, and digital editions of the book.

Bundled Themes

Even with all the new themes and 30+ new pages, the price point for the book and PDF stay the same. $27 for the PDF and $67 + S&H for the Book/PDF Combo. If you buy the print book, remember that automatically comes with the PDF which now comes as a bundle with the themes, so you don’t miss out on that action.

You can see demos of the bundled themes here, here, and here. Remember, if you decide the purchase the books through me, please use this link as I receive a cut back.


One response to “Version 2 Of DiggingIntoWordPress Is Out”

  1. Hi, just bought this book yesterday through your recommendation. I am pretty stoked with it. It is perfect for where I am at with WP. I have been using it for about a year and have a few sites under my belt – this will help me take my knowledge to the next level. thanks!


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