1. Chris Coyier

    Thanks for the shout-out Jeffro! Files for the print version should be going to the printer this week, so that’s pretty exciting. All PDF buyers will get a discount on the print book, so if anyone is interested in that, snagging that PDF now will save you money.


  2. Nicolas

    I definitely need to get my hand on a copy of this. To you have an affiliate link?


  3. Edward Caissie

    If there were only more time in the day …

    … I’m still reading my copy. Great information from what I have read so far. I was thinking of a review post myself.

    PS: @Nicolas … stop by my site if you want to pass through an affiliate link, it’s in the sidebar ;-)


  4. Dave Thackeray

    This looks exactly what I need. I hear there’s another big WP book release in Feb 2010 but for now, this is tops.

    I’m in the UK: how would I go about getting the printed version. I’m assuming it’s gonna be Amazoned?


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