1. Peter Kahoun

    Thanks for the link. I didn’t know scribu.net. Looks… awesome.


  2. Adam W. Warner

    This will be a nice feature, and as it turns out, I just posted about using category template pages…



  3. Jeffro

    @Peter Kahoun – Yeah, Scribu is pretty cool. He’s the same person who developed the Front End Editor plugin I reviewed here

    Review Of Front End Editor Plugin

    @Adam W. Warner – Ahh yes. I’ve seen the link being passed around on Twitter. I’m glad someone finally wrote a post dealing with the category icons plugin. Is it still being developed? Last time I checked, it was pretty outdated.


  4. Adam W. Warner

    Hey Jeffro,

    That’s what I thought too, but it appears that development has picked up again. I hope it continues. It’s a pretty slick plugin with a lot of uses.


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