1. Marcus Tibesar

    Organize Series plugin


  2. Jay Wood

    It’s sad to see things like this happen, but I understand the reasoning. We’ve used P2P for a few projects in the past at WDS and I personally will continue to use it going forward, forking and fixing where need be.

    Hopefully we will see an ‘official fork’ sometime soon by a reputable dev.


  3. Rafael Ehlers

    What about https://www.post-connector.com/ ?


  4. Joel James

    As for alternatives, a cursory search of many-to-many on the WordPress plugin directory generates four results.

    Here is one active alternative.


  5. Amir Helzer

    FYI, Types plugin will have complete many-to-many post relationship in version 2.3 (two major versions from now).


    The upcoming release of Types 2.2 already includes the foundations for this (some API that we’re creating internally).

    Types 2.3 will also have the GUI, so that users can declare one-to-many and many-to-many relationships between different post types.

    We took inspiration from posts-2-posts plugin for our implementation, but it’s not the same. In Types, there will be both an API, to use in PHP code, and a complete GUI, to set up things from the WordPress admin.


    • David McCan

      That would be awesome. Types and Views are very powerful.

      I’ve been looking at nesting one content type under another within the WordPress Admin. I noticed that Justin Tadlock’s Message Board plugin does this using custom coding and permalink rules for the front-end. If I understand correctly, and that ability is being added to Toolset, it will be a big boon.


  6. Simon Harper

    WP Types offer relationships as part of their plugin suite.


  7. Antonio

    I use Advanced Custom Fields for this


  8. Luke Cavanagh

    Pods can set post or taxonomy relationships.



  9. David Page

    What about the WordPress.com VIP version of Posts 2 Posts called Objects to Objects? via https://github.com/voceconnect/objects-to-objects That uses WordPress’ taxonomy to create the relationships.


  10. Matt Edwards

    Do any of the options mentioned above allow for meta fields to be added to the relationship?

    For example on a Movie site their might be post types of movies and actors that have a many to many relationship, and the relationship itself might have a meta field of “role” to associate what part the actor played in the movie?

    I’m using Posts 2 Posts to achieve this and have not been able to find a currently maintained alternative.


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