1. Dave Doolin

    Very cool they’re building out twentytwelve with modern tools! And on Github! Sweet!


  2. Trey

    I tried downloading and installing the theme’s zip file from Github, but it the structure is not valid. How can we test this theme while it is in development?


  3. Rado

    Believe me or not, I am still using that old WP Classic theme, standard, but tweaked just a little. So, I don’t know what’s all this fuss about?! :)


  4. Steve Bank

    Well, I’d say this was a big thumbs up for that new “the experimental approach to WordPress development that is currently taking place”.

    Punting the Theme to 3.5 just 1 week before Beta1.

    Screams of wonderful management.


  5. Matthew Taylor

    The github twentytwelve is not the same as a manually downloaded theme. You will need to unzip it and look for the twentytwelve subfolder. The entire zip contains code snippets and files in different stages of developement from the currend ‘build’ folder for the theme. I actually grabbed my copy a while back while the them was still in the trunk of WordPress 3.4 beta. I really like it. I do custom themes for clients built on twentyten and twenty twelve. It’s everything they said it would be. Modern, clean and responsive. The @media breakpoints for elements are built in-place. They aren’t sectioned by screen width. So when you modify an element you will see the 600px version of the element just below it. No more jumping around or needing to design in stages for each width. And it looks like only one breakpoint at 600px right now.
    If you want to see what way going on and some idea as to why it was punted.. read here


  6. Rado

    What was the reason that would create your removing of my site address from the comment I made on your blog? Some strange policy? I am not a spammer


  7. Imraan

    Combination of html5 and css3 will make the output more pleasant. Looking forward for it.


  8. Andrew

    Twenty Ten & Twenty Eleven were the best themes I ever used. Hope Twenty Twelve is even better.


  9. Trey

    Any chance this will be responsive, so it will adjust to any size webpage?


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