1. Stephen Vaughan

    I have only looked at the demos via mobile but they do look pretty neat.

    Bon travail!


  2. Melrobert

    This is the best plugin for building with the Gutenberg editor. Don’t worry about the extra stylesheet, my website managed to score a 100% Google Lighthouse performance. What sets Twentig apart is the quality of design, the demos are stellar! 

    Do you know if it’s possible to download the demo?


    • Twentig

      Thank you for the kind words. For the moment, it’s not possible to download the demos. You can try to replicate them using our block patterns. We’re working to implement the best solution to import them.


  3. kevin kovadia

    wow, i tried this plugin with twenty twenty theme. it is awesome. I 2021 demos looks promising, looking forward to trying twentig with the 2021 wp theme.


  4. Ian Brown

    We’ve already created 3 sites using Twentig. We love it! The page templates and constant new features continue to make this plugin great. I second the 100% lighthouse scores too. Thank you Twentig!

    I’m looking to contribute to the plugin development, how do we do that?


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