1. Brice

    This is a great plugin! I didn’t like Gutenberg at first, but Twentig made me change my mind. It’s very easy to build a page by stacking multiple block patterns.


  2. kevin

    A very good plugin. it has very good premade blocks and templates. Twenty Twenty theme and twentig plugin is a perfect combination. looking forward to using the plugin in the 2021 theme.


  3. Peter Müller

    I discovered Twentig a few months ago, and right from the beginning all those additional Customizer options made it a perfect partner for Twenty Twenty.

    But the august update, after WordPress 5.5 introduced block patterns, turned Twentig into something like a page builder with standard WordPress blocks.

    Twentig is like a showcase of what the block editor is capable of.


  4. Li-An

    I don’t like at all blocks (it’s just not compatible with the way I work and slows me) but I can see how to use them for particular projects. This plugin seems very interesting. Thanks for the sharing.


  5. Bianca

    I’ve played around with this plugin a couple of times, but never on production sites. It’s very powerful indeed. Love to see who is behind the plugin though as author credibility is a big deal for me.


  6. Steven Gliebe

    How about an interview with the developer?

    Who are they?
    Are there plans to support future Twenty themes?
    How will the project be maintained long-term? Paid upgrade?


  7. Nollind Whachell

    One of my favourite five star plugins for Twenty Twenty (that I mentioned in a comment here in May 13, 2020). And I absolutely agree features like these should be included within the theme itself. Why aren’t they?


  8. Jack Dave

    I really love WordPress direction with the Twenty Twenty. Really hope twentig will update their Youtube channel soon, since it’s still empty.


  9. WPFormation

    Hi thx for the review
    I m gonna give a try to Twentig


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