1. Justin Tadlock

    Cool featured image.

    Thanks for sharing the news! I figured it was about time to pull the trigger on this. I’ve been thinking about changing the business aspect of the site for some time. Making this change forces me to stick to a more solid deadline for figuring out things.


  2. Jeff Chandler

    I wish him the best of luck and hope the experiment shows that people are willing to pay for support and to see his replies on the support forum.


  3. Keith Davis

    Wishing @Justin all the best on his new venture.


  4. idogenealogy

    Because of the FREE offer I have registered and am about to test three of the themes. I had seen a couple of their themes but those did not match my sites needs. Thanks for this post.


  5. Otto

    Hey, Justin, do you have a donate button anywhere? Curious.


  6. Marlon LA

    I started my career at WP with Theme Hybrid. I paid to have access to support and forum and learned a lot. Today I use Sage theme and in some cases with Hybrid Core Framework.

    Justin is a super competent guy, concerned about code quality and themes.

    I highly recommend it!


  7. Luke

    Nice one, just signed up :)


  8. Sami Keijonen

    Theme Hybrid is number one place to learn and get help. I’m more than happy that I started out learning WordPress in there.

    And Justin have lot’s of great plugins and themes.


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