The Send System Info WordPress Plugin Helps Make Troubleshooting Easier

Have you ever requested support for WordPress only to have someone request information related to your webhosting server configuration? Typically, you’d have to create a file and send them a link to it. Depending on the person’s skill set, this can be a difficult task, let alone interpreting the information the file provides.

The System Info Of My Local WP Install
The System Info Of My Local WP Install

The Send System Info plugin by John Regan helps generate and deliver this vital information. The plugin comes with three different delivery methods.

  • Download the information in a text file
  • Send the information to an email address
  • Create a unique URL to allow remote viewing of the information

One of the coolest features of this plugin is the ability to generate a unique URL to give to whomever is providing support. The URL will stay active until you generate a new one. This is a more secure way of providing the information in a public place such as a support forum. It also helps keep the support query cleaner since the information won’t need to be copied and pasted into the thread.

Creating A Unique URL To View System Info
Creating A Unique URL To View System Info

Although Regan is listed as the plugin’s primary developer, he’s had contributions from Frankie Jarrett, Luke Carbis, and Pippin Williamson. If you’d like to help make this plugin better, check out the plugin’s GitHub page.

Despite alternative ways to discover the information displayed by the Send System Info plugin, none are as easy or convenient. The next time someone asks for your server information to troubleshoot a WordPress problem, consider using this plugin.

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  1. Wow, nice. Finally a simple way for me to get vital information from users when helping out in the support forums. Thanks!


  2. Very nice plugin. It helps the support very much. No headache with basic questions like “what is the WP version you’re using”! Thanks for making the plugin.


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