1. David Laietta

    I have a question for the show:

    You undoubtedly realize that a good part of getting to market is going to be convincing people to try you out over larger, established players. What made you stick with it and go for it anyway, and what kind of strategies do you have in mind to share?


  2. Michael Musgrove

    I have a 2-parter to ask: What do they estimate the market to be for premium WP hosting, both in terms of number of accounts and dollar value, and what do they estimate that to be in 5 and 10 years? To follow that up, what do they see driving that growth specifically, if any, and how did they arrive at their numbers?


  3. Marcus Couch

    Killer. Count me in for a segment.


  4. Matt Christensen

    How about a live show from WordCamp?


  5. Eric Mann

    @Matt Christensen – There are enough people in the community who would participate, and just as many who can’t make it who would love to be a part of it!


  6. Josh Leuze

    Looking forward to tomorrow night’s show, welcome back to the “airwaves” Jeff!


  7. Len

    Awesome news Jeff! Glad to hear you’re bringing the show back. As I’ve said in the past you’re very good at it – a natural.


  8. donnacha of WordSkill

    Welcome back to my headphones :)


  9. Kaspars

    That is some great news, Jeff! I’ll be sure to tune in.

    Secondly, I have a python/PHP script which downloads all my youtube videos, stores them on my server and creates an RSS feed with proper media enclosures. Let me know if that sounds like something you would be interested in.


  10. James Mowery

    Awesome! Welcome back to the mic! Enjoy Grand Rapids!


  11. Dusty

    Excited to be on the show, thanks for having me Jeff! Already some great questions here in the comments, can’t wait to chat about them. Keep the questions coming! Also if anyone wants the fast-track to the Flywheel Beta, email me directly at dusty [at] getflywheel.com and I’ll hook you up!


  12. Matt

    Welcome (back) to the club! :)


  13. Jeffro

    @Matt – Well, I haven’t completed the show just yet. Hold your breath :)


  14. Matt

    @Jeffro -you’ve had plenty of practice in the minors these last few weeks. Go get em!


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