1. chris

    i have bought about 5 themes from them, and i have nothing but bad experiences with them, first the downloads werent working, next the wrong zip would be in the area, next the theme was removed, and my account still isnt working, its showing internal server errors, and im yet to able to download the 5 themes i bought.

    i have bought over 750 items from themeforest, and im a silver badge buyer which few people have, and i would rather spend money on a system that works than one that isnt.


  2. JR Farr

    HI Chris,

    Again, we’re very sorry for the experience you’ve had. It’s only an isolated issue with this account, most likely caused by Windows 7. We refunded your last purchase for the trouble and always make sure to respond to you right away, often within minutes. Also, you’ve received every theme you’ve bought.

    As always, we appreciate your business and also the feedback. We’ll continue to work hard for you.


  3. Michael

    Great write up on MOJO Themes.

    I am a recent seller on MOJO Themes and I have been nothing but impressed with them. I uploaded FolioStudio a week ago and have been treated amazing.

    I also bought a few items from them and they all worked great. I don’t think there is much to worry about considering MOJO Themes is still pretty new. Every custom built software has issues. When I tried uploading on Themeforest it took 4 attempts before it worked. Once the item was uploaded, it got lost in the queue and they had to search where it went. And still I have no response as to where the item went. I don’t blame them, cause I completely understand bugs in software. Keep doing what you’re doing MOJO, I am a fan! And props for building the site with WordPress!


  4. Darrin Rich

    Purchased a couple items from them. First purchase didn’t download correctly If I remember, I also got a wrong theme. But support was awesome and fixed the problem right away. They just recently launched so problems can be expected from time to time. I will continue to be a customer in the future and wish them the best as they move forward


  5. chris

    @JR Farr

    I have tried accessing the account on a win xp laptop, also with my iphone, and still get 500 error when accessing my account downloads page.

    I even had a friend tried to access it and they have the same issue.


  6. Ryan Wheaton

    Great article on Mojo. I signed up on Mojo-Themes.com and bought a theme (PhotoBox) from them without a hitch about two weeks ago. Everything from signup to payment processing was simple and straight forward. Downloaded the theme on the first try. Plus, it installed flawlessly and was extremely easy to use. Looking forward to buying more wordpress themes from them!


  7. chris

    Mojo themes have now fixed my account, and I will continue to purchase items from them, thanks for getting this fixed ;)


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