1. David

    Will it matter that he is doing a 100% GPL site if he also does a non-100% GPL site? I thought that once you went non-GPL you were persona non grata with WordPress peeps.


  2. Leland Fiegel

    @David -That same issue was also brought up in the comments of my interview post. Jason said there would be no affiliation between the two sites, except of course the same owner in common.

    As long as there aren’t any links back to Press75, I hope there wouldn’t be an issue. Then you get into the “non-GPL compliant person” debate which is a whole new can of worms.


  3. David

    Which is where I was heading. It had nothing to do with the site, and everything to do with the owner. It would be like expecting a new theme site by Chris Pearson to be welcomed by the GPL lovers out there. He could say that all his new themes were going to be totally GPL, but would that “fix” him in the eyes of the WP elite?


  4. Carl Hancock

    It will most likely be tainted in the eyes of the WP “elite”, but frankly who cares. It won’t prevent it from being a success nor will his sales suffer because of it.

    You don’t need the support of the WordPress “elite” to be successful. The entire commercial theme and plugin market is proof of that. So if they have nothing better to do, let them get their panties in a bunch over it. Ultimately it won’t matter to ThemeGarden or Press75.

    The high school like politics surrounding the entire licensing issue is so juvenile.


  5. David

    Carl – The reason for my question was more to put the pressure back on Leland since he’s flip flopping regarding licensing.

    This will ensure that ThemeGarden.com and the community surrounding it is in line with and supported by WordPress.

    I also wanted to, in a strange way, point out the same as you bluntly said: the success or failure of the project will have nothing to do with the WP “elite” and so they shouldn’t even be considered in deciding licensing issues.


  6. Jason Schuller

    @David, @Carl I would find it very hard to believe that my mere association with owning a completely separate non-100% GPL site would taint ThemeGarden.com from being adopted by WordPress and the community, but who knows.

    Also, I agree that licensing makes no difference in regards to the success of sites like Press75, StudioPress, etc., but the question is… would it make a difference for a Community WordPress Marketplace such as ThemeGarden.com?


  7. David

    Jason – Do you think the WordPress section of CodeCanyon will be GPL only? I don’t think the themes currently are. Has that effected their business in any noticeable way? Not enough to change policies from what I can tell.


  8. Jason Schuller

    David… I don’t think Envato cares one way or the other (GPL or not), and it probably has no affect on their business. They will continue to do well because they are so big and have already established their own community. The difference is that they are focused on multiple platforms mass production whereas ThemeGarden will be dedicated to WordPress and quality (not quantity).


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