1. scribu

    WPCoop will definetly give CodePoet a run for it’s money.


  2. matt mcinvale

    looks like an interesting project, i registered. :)


  3. Andreas Nurbo

    This looks pretty great. I like this much more than codepoet.
    Just need to improve their two choices on the front, because where you land is not really what you are after. Especially the “I need an wp expert” path. The question I get is “Where do I find the expert and how?” they arent on that page.


  4. Ryan McCue

    Just FYI, you should remove the _mcePaste div completely, not just hide it. Also, if you want to hide it, just put display: none;, so it doesn’t mess up my feed reader. :)


  5. Edward Caissie

    I liked the ideals of WPCOOP when I first found the site. Good interview going into more depth about them. I registered a while ago … just need to set aside time to get my profile more complete.


  6. links for 2009-09-25 | Links | WereWP

    […] The Lowdown On WPCoop With Jayson Cote WPCoop is a team of dedicated professionals offering WordPress services to independent, small medium and enterprise businesses. […]


  7. Matt Haltom

    Stay tuned on WPCOOP as well. We are working on launching a new custom design shortly!


  8. Jayson T Cote

    @Andreas Nurbo -Thanks for the kudos, Andreas. We are currently re-designing the wpcoop.org website to accommodate some of your recommendations as well as many other features to make the site more user friendly.

    We will have a featured member, featured design and featured project element, and a new front page that allows the traffic to be directed according to the audience, whether they are a WP expert or seeking one.

    I am always open to suggestions, site enhancements and constructive criticism, thanks so much.



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