1. Rilwis

    That’s amazing service. I’m using dploy.io to deploy code to my servers, but the free plan allows only 1 repository (it supports both public and private repos). This service looks very promising, and the best part is it’s integrated with WordPress. I love it!


  2. toddlahman

    I wonder why the plugin was removed from WordPress.org, and who removed it?




  3. Ryan Hellyer

    This looks like a really nice solution for easily handling updates for GitHub hosted plugins. I have a couple of plugins on my site which are hosted there and I end up upgrading them once every year or so, which is not the best :/

    I suspect (but am not sure) that it will break with plugins that include submodules or use an abnormal folder structure (some GitHub repos include the plugin folder itself rather than putting everything in the root like WordPress expects). Anything using Composer will probably fail too.


  4. Jeffrey

    I understand why WordPress.org removed this plugin. Just like Google Play does not allow Amazon App Store app to be listed.


  5. Matt Radford (@mattradford)

    The plugin works very well. I’m doing a WordCamp talk on it and similar plugins like VersionPress and Revisr this weekend. WP Pusher is good for not only “cheap-ass shared hosting” (heh) but for environments where we the developers have restricted access to the client’s admin. I’m thinking particularly of the one client who has 17k users on a multisite network with hundreds of sites, and the chances of us gaining super-admin access are, well, non-existent. We currently use a theme with Github updater built in, but WP Pusher will make it easier, and we can use (free) private Bitbucket repos as well. Use of repos in this way also allows us to reconsider our current deployment techniques, e.g. using dploy.io. Nice work Peter! We owe you an øl ;)


  6. Andy Fragen

    Hey Matt,

    Does GitHub Updater not do what you need? I do realize the WP Pusher fills a slightly different need. GitHub Updater doesn’t need to be built in to the theme but is better installed as either a mu-plugin or just an additional plugin. It also will update public and private repos from both GitHub and Bitbucket.

    If there’s something it’s not doing let me know.


  7. Rob Mehew

    This plugin is very cool, it’s something I have been looking into for a little while now and may not bother after seeing this plugin.

    Thanks, i’m sure it’s going to prove very useful.


  8. toddlahman

    For those that would like an alternative, this project has been developed since October 2013, and it too isn’t allowed in the WordPress.org repo.



  9. Joshua Nelson

    I can attest to Andy’s plugin being a great (free) solution and he is on-top of the development!


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