1. Ryan

    Advertising via an email list seems kinda weird to me. Using a website to provide an advertising service makes a lot more sense IMO.


  2. Nico

    Hi, Jeffro.

    My name is Nicolás and, as a former member of the recently dead [wp-pro] mailing list, I would like to invite you to visit a new website I did because of the imminent close of the list (although I couldn’t get it finished before they shut down the list and I couldn’t spread the word to my co-listers): http://wp-p.ro/

    It looks like a Job Board… and it is BUT with many differences with the currently available Job Boards over there. It has a bunch of features (which I’ve collected from ideas sent to the mailing list since 2005 and) that makes it such a very good tool for both posting and looking for a WP related job and I’m currently working on many more features which I expect to be releasing as soon as I finish each one of them.

    Some of the key features are:

    the users’ reputation based on real transactions’ feedback
    the public users’ profiles with bio (and a brief portfolio in the near future)
    the informative mails sent on certain actions into the transaction flow
    the pretty simple job posting form
    a personal and private area to manage all the user info, ongoing offers and/or job applications
    and more is coming!

    All the features and services in the site will be free during a limited period of time (until December 1, 2010). After that, some services and actions will become paid (at a really low cost in comparison with other site of this type). Yes, I know it sucks but there are some (valid, I think) reasons to do that: the cost by job post will be 5€ (for 1 month) and the cost by application will be 1€ (such symbolical costs, aren’t they?) and they will help to keep the reputation ecosystem clean of scammers (they don’t like to pay for scam) and all will go directly to pay hosting, user’s support, and future development of new features. However, the rest of the features and services (as the site sign up, the RSS feeds -even by category and searches-, etc.) will remain free forever.

    This website is an old idea I had many months ago because of some strong discussions which have happened into the mailing list but the very main reason I’ve put hands on work (finally) was the imminent cancellation of the mailing list and the idea of make a great tool that could make the list users happy. What you see was made in just 1 week (trying to launch before the people at Automattic shut down the [wp-pro] list, objective that I couldn’t achieve :() and I don’t have any doubt it will help many people to “get their things done” far better than most of the current offer. BTW, do I need to say it is done on WP?

    Please, be my guest. Sign in, give it a try, test it and use it however you want. I’d love to hear any thing you would want to tell me about it :)

    I’ll appreciate any support that you, or any one would like to give to the project.


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