R.I.P. WP-Pro Mailing List

Those of you who counted on the WP-Pro mailing list to either post jobs or receive job offers will be disappointed with the news that the mailing list is going away. Announced by Jane Wells on August 18th, the list will be de-activated at the end of this week.

Let’s face it: when someone says they want to hire someone for a WordPress job, making them sign up for a mailing list just to post an ad is a little ridiculous when they could go to a site like http://jobs.wordpress.net and put up a post that can be easily managed/updated in moments as well as being seen by far more people.

The reaction from those who use and have received client work because of the list are not too pleased to see it disappear and would rather have it stick around. However, the discontinuation of the WP-Pro mailing list could be what the doctor ordered for WPCOOP.org. To get an idea as to what WPCoop is all about, check out this interview I had with Jayson T. Cote back in September of 2009. A number of people on the mailing list have expressed interest to help Jayson get WPCoop back in action and if you’re one of those interested in helping out, you can sign up to the list.

While I’ve never used the list myself, over the past two years I’ve seen the number of WordPress specific job boards increase. In fact, WPTavern.com forum now has one although it’s rarely used since only VIP members can post job offers. Outside of Codepoet.com, you can also check out this handy list of job boards that was published to the Tavern forums by Nick.

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