1. Ronald Huereca

    I wonder if anybody would get peeved if plugin authors added a “Rate me” and “Support” button in the plugin area next to the Deactivate and Edit links.

    I’d be willing to try it out :D


    • Justin

      I wonder if anybody would get peeved if plugin authors added a “Rate me” and “Support” button in the plugin area next to the Deactivate and Edit links.

      I’ve done it in some of my plugins. I’m not sure if it’s helped. The problem is that those links don’t show up until after the plugin is activated. At that point, I’m guessing most users never notice them.


      • Ronald Huereca

        @Justin, good point.

        I mostly get my ratings from helping people in the support forums anyways. If I’ve helped them out, I ask them to leave a rating. It’s worked maybe 40% of the time I suppose.


  2. Justin

    I got one review on the 16th. I don’t think I got any on the 17th. :(

    I often wonder if the required review is keeping people from leaving a rating. In the past, I got more ratings when you didn’t have to leave a review. There’s a definite benefit of having the review though because it can bring up issues that you didn’t know about and provide a way to communicate.

    What I’ve found is that people who are unhappy with a plugin are sometimes more likely to leave a review than people who are happy. I believe this can change if we have some sort of mechanism for doing reviews from the WP admin.


    • Robert Neu (@rob_neu)

      I’ve seen a few examples of people prompting users for reviews after a pre-set amount of time using the plugin. The one that I remember the most is What The File by Barry Kooij. It seems like a pretty effective method for getting more reviews, but it could be annoying if a ton of plugins implemented it.

      Here’s a link to how Barry does it in his plugins:



    • Darren

      I notice the same thing Justin on my plugins. I think what would be useful is if someone rates 4 or higher they don’t have to leave a review. If they rate 3 or less then they are prompted with a box for leaving a review. Why? If someone is rating something low, then they should be required to explain why they rated low so others can see that review to decide whether they think the rating is fair OR the plugin author can see and address as necessary.


      • Niackery

        I can’t decide whether I think that’s a good idea… On the one hand, I sometimes wish I could just rate a plugin and not bother with the review. But then again, being forced to write the review makes me stop and think about the reason for my rating, and most of the time, I find that I do in fact have something to say, regardless of whether my rating is positive, negative, or neutral. Overall, I think the reason for the rating is more important than the rating itself, if ratings are to be truly useful. People who look at ratings and reviews to determine which plugins to use aren’t going to find ratings helpful if they don’t have a context. For example, if you’re looking for a plugin and are comparing two or three, you might look at the ratings first, but if they’re pretty similar, then you’d move on to the reviews for more details. Making reviews optional could be useful in getting more ratings, but would those be quality ratings?


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