1. Ahmad Awais

    This is a great news! I was reading this commit like 5 minutes ago, looking forward to WP REST API baked into the core.

    Thank you! everyone who is making this possible. I truly hope that WP REST API will again put WordPress in the spotlight as the best web development tools.


  2. Andrew

    I understand what you can do with the whole thing (I am currently using it in its plugin form on my site) but what can you do with just the first part?


  3. benjaminlupu

    Great news! Thank you to all contributors for this achievement!


  4. Baadier Sydow

    Unbelievably excited for this and all the possibilities. There is so much potential!


  5. Borek Bernard

    Very cool, congrats Ryan & team!


  6. Alkesh Miyani

    That will be good change in WordPress.

    With this REST API, I think we can strongly create app development in WordPress. Currently, users working with Joomla backend for mobile app development but after this changes users will move on WordPress backend to overcome the issue of simplicity backend for app development.


  7. johannes fosseus

    Does this mean that if I use WP REST API plugin and custom endpoints I cant upgrade to wp 4.4?

    In my local install i just got conflicts between plugin API and core API. Since I need the custom endpoints I need to pause upgrades untill 4.5?


  8. Brianlmerritt

    This is great news for Ryan and team of course, but also to those of us who took that leap of faith and baked in our own API calls. I’m going to start testing now, but it looks like minimal rework will be needed to use 4.4 out of the box.


  9. MajaCincovic

    I am so thrilled that this is happening.
    This is fantastic news, thanks to everyone involved! A standardised API in core will simplify a lot of JS logic in plugins and will pave the way for more advanced web apps on top of WordPress.


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