The Daily Plugin: Just Uno, Custom Bulk Edit, WP Bouncer

As everyone makes their way back from WordCamp SF, it’s time to get back to business with another edition of The Daily Plugin. Today we’ve got a number of plugins worth taking a second look at. Remember that these plugins are not endorsements, reviews or even a thumbs up. They are a sampling of some of the newest and most recently updated plugins from the WordPress Plugins Repository. Install and test on a staging site before going live. Let’s get plugged in!

JustUno helps you to engage in a “social bribery” campaign on your e-commerce site. It works by adding the call to action “incentive” tab that can offer something like “Save 5% Now” or “Get Free Shipping“. Once clicked a window pops up presenting the site viewer with options on how to get a special promo code that will unlock their promised discount. The options for unlocking the promo code include Tweeting, Liking on Facebook, Sharing on LinkedIn, G+1 or signing up to your mailing list. Once one of these actions has been triggered, the customer is presented with the coupon code, which they can copy and paste into their cart for immediate usage.

Here’s a quick one minute video on how JustUno works:

I like the “social bribery” concept, as it helps to grow your social traffic for little back-end buy-in cost. This plugin allows you to control which services you would like to use, including limiting to just the email sign-up. For those who have coupon code capable shopping carts this is a great way to promote your site while giving those who do so a small reward. It might also be used to promote a “hidden link” to your special content or the password to a private post. Use your imagination. Let me know if you think of other creative uses for this discount gate.

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit allows you to easily add previously defined custom fields to the edit screen bulk and quick edit panel to a precise degree unlike anything I’ve seen previously. It allows you to sort and mash-up your posts and post types in the posts or pages view, and then edit them with laser accuracy. Even in quick edit. For instance, if I wanted to include “color” in the sortable post list and as an option in quick edit, this plugin would allow me to get into the display settings, modify the query of what is displayed in the list and then allow editing on a multiple scale. You can change finite details in multiple posts, down to post types, secondary data and additional fields. There are both free and premium versions. See which is right for your own needs and make determinations as to what works best for you. The capabilities of this freaks me out. I have about a billion needs for sites that I am working on that involve custom sorts and multiple edits at once across different categories. This one can save hours of time in doing so.

Here is another video about how Custom Bulk/Quick Edit performs with additional premium features enabled:

WP Bouncer is a plugin that only allows one device login per user at one time. It “bounces” the logged in person and provides a warning message. Pretty good security for those of us that might leave a work/home browser open while editing. It’s not as advanced as the mega-complex Launchkey that we spoke about last week, but a good solution for keeping only one person logged in at once. I know the new WP version may address some of these issues with the collaboration features (I only saw the video), but this is a great solution in the meantime. I had to try it just because of the WPTavern name! Every tavern needs a bouncer. Too bad it doesn’t work on readers too.. lol


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  1. Thank you for reviewing my Custom Bulk/Quick Edit plugin for WordPress. This had come out of a client need and realized it was easier to make into a flexible plugin than keep maintaining the tweaks. For folks interested in the premium version that allows editing custom post types and other plugins like WooCommerce, find it at

    For Jason, WordPress SEO integration is available as standalone or an addon, at



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