The .blog Domain Extension Is Now Open to Registrars

photo credit: Luis Llerena
photo credit: Luis Llerena

Today marks a moment in internet history, as the very first .blog domain is now operational on Knock Knock, WHOIS There, a subsidiary of Automattic, launched today to begin getting registrars to sign up to sell the new TLD.

Automattic won the rights to oversee the sale and registration of the .blog domain in 2015 via a bidding process that is estimated to have closed around $20 million. The domain extension is so new that Twitter doesn’t yet support it as a valid link, but Automattic expects to activate 250,000 new names in 2016.

According to the new information site, registrars that sign up to sell .blog domains will be able to participate in an incentive partnership model that rewards a higher volume of sales:

Pricing will be in the standard range for new gTLDs, with premium names available in several tiers. High margins for registrars will be guaranteed by an incentive model, rewarding sales above a certain baseline. Final terms will be published in the coming weeks.

Automattic is opening up the .blog TLD to registrars around the world and companies can sign up on to learn more about the requirements. Individuals who are interested in purchasing a .blog domain should review the tentative launch plan published today. Registration will be open to trademark owners during the Sunrise period starting in August 2016, followed by a Landrush period in October.


9 responses to “The .blog Domain Extension Is Now Open to Registrars”

  1. I wonder if I’ll be able to register for a friend (who’s actual name is matt – No relation to Matt Mullenweg).

  2. Great and nice information. Finally the .blog extension is operational and available for registration. I am also willing to buy a .blog extension.

  3. It won’t matter much even if we get a domain. Earlier google used to give priority to these domain names. Now Google is strict in this case because it know that bloggers would buy exact domain name for ranking purposes. But this would definitely look fancy

  4. The domain game is a love-hate system. Registar-priority makes you feel like an un-delegate or an IPO pseudo-investor :D

  5. It will be interesting to see if they meet their expectations of activating 250,000 .blog domains. With a proven lack of SEO value and lack of recognition by some social networks, it seems like there has been some confusion around the new top level domains and excitement has not been what some have anticipated. It may just be that a domain like .blog will be what makes people take notice.


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