1. Otto
    · Reply

    Just for anybody experiencing this problem in the future, think ahead, and ask the plugins team for advice. We’re happy to help out with this sort of thing.

    We can tell you what is allowed, sure, but we’ve also been doing this a long time, and we can tell you what the, honestly, very easily predictable, response will be to any move of this type. We’ve seen it all at this point.

    Happy to answer questions. Just email the plugins team. 🙂


  2. Sally G
    · Reply

    It is good to see that they responded to users’ concerns. Legal compliance is indeed very complex, and thus costly, but I would suspect that very few sites have fewer than 100 monthly visitors; that is a low bar. I am curious about the typical size of their ongoing customers; I suspect that the free plug-in that they purchased had quite a different customer base, and there will be some adjustments needed on all sides.


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