1. Devin Walker

    I’m a bit confused on AESOP, Lasso and Story.am, but here’s what I understand:

    1. AESOP is the plugin that runs both Story.am
    2. Lasso is another plugin that has a similar functionality to AESOP by the same developers, but is only for inline content editing, an strongly recommends AESOP for the seemingly critical drag-and-drop component.
    3. Story.am is essentially a hosted blogging platform built atop AESOP that previously was paid and is now Pro.

    Is that how it is?


    • Nick Haskins

      Aesop Story Engine (not AESOP) is a free plugin that has been out for a while now, and provides the components within the story.

      Lasso is our new front-end editor, that works with or without Aesop Story Engine. If you use Lasso without Aesop Story Engine, you won’t have any components to drag around or change. We developed Lasso to make Aesop Story Engine easier to use, by giving full front-end control of the story components.

      Story.AM was launched a couple months ago to “Founding Members.” Those Founders shaped Story.AM into what it is today, and also received Lasso for free.

      After Story.AM launched, we didn’t have very many people sign up. So we decided to make it free, for a wide variety of reasons. Story.AM is a hosted platform, and includes both Lasso and Aesop Story Engine.

      By making our tools freely accessible, we’ll get the feedback that we need. I hope this clears up any confusion.


  2. FxB | fxbenard

    Lovely project, lovely rendering, hope you’ll get all the attention you deserve with it. At some point if you need to make it avalaible in different languages and French at first let me know.


    • Nick Haskins

      Absolutely will do! Just love the work that you’ve done at WP Translations so I think teaming up woult be awesome!! We’re getting A LOT of french users.


  3. Alex Kuznetsof

    Well done, imho there is only one way to bring more people inn by creating home page that
    would work like a hub and promoting the community, than you can promote that hub… and use
    current landing page as a way to describe what the service behind community is. Just sharing thoughts, sorry if i’m putting my nose into your biz.

    Again everything works and looks AMAZING! Bravo!


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