Nick Haskins Rebrands Lasso to Editus

In mid July, Nick Haskins, founder and lead developer of Lasso, was served a cease and desist letter from LassoSoft. LassoSoft argued that Lasso violates its registered trademarks and causes confusion to its customers.

Edit us Featured ImageInstead of fighting litigation, Haskins decided to rebrand the product from Lasso to Editus. The name was suggested by Gavin Aldrich. According to Haskins, the only references to the name is a band in Costa Rica and a directory in Luxemburg.

In addition to a new domain and cloned website, Lasso 0.9.8 is available for download which includes the renaming of various admin menu items that used the term Lasso.

Lasso 0.9.8 Requires a Manual Update

Haskins says users will need to update to 0.9.8 manually because of the switch in domain names but automatic updates will return after 0.9.8,  “Updates after 0.9.8, will continue to be automatic, just as the way they were before,” Haskins said.

Aesopinteractive LLC is looking for a buyer but after receiving low offers, Haskins has decided to use a broker to facilitate the sale. The broker requested that the rebrand of Lasso be completed before proceeding with the sale process.

I think Editus has a nice ring to it, what do you think?


11 responses to “Nick Haskins Rebrands Lasso to Editus”

  1. Great result onomatopoeia sounds like it does works for Hoover why not for this. You could have thought a long time and not found better! Hope you got an agreement to use with the person who suggested it!☺

    • Yep absolutely! He’s a fellow developer and I’m waiting to hear back from him regarding if he wants to be publicly named. I’d like to give credit where it’s due.

  2. Haskins needs to tell LassoSoft to back off and stop overstepping their boundaries. Exactly how does Lasso violate LassoSoft’s trademark?

    • The problem is it doesn’t really matter if they are being overzealous in their trademark protection. Fighting it is expensive, and rebranding is probably the path of least resistance.

  3. Hopefully, this will be only a hiccup, and Editus will lead to a breakthrough. I’m sure this whole cease and desist thing brought Nick a lot of publicity.

  4. I’m a musician as well as a developer, and Editus is a killer group! I hope they aren’t litigious.

    Best of luck to Nick with all these business changes!



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