1. Joel

    They’re a massive crutch for me, but mainly due to typing. I know how to spell very well, but it doesn’t mean I type it correctly!


  2. Andreas Nurbo

    Not being a native English speaker I find spell and grammar checks to be an necessity.
    If I didn’t use those I would misspell a lot. I spell perfectly fine in my own native tongue but English not so much. Then there is the intermixing of UK English and US English. Most foreigners are taught UK English and then learn US from TV and forums and you end up with a mix of sidewalks and pavements, z and s. Its somewhat confusing at times.


  3. Raphael Mudge

    You’ll have to let me know how the experiment goes. Part of being literate in the information age involves knowing how to use the tools the information age gives us (e.g., search). Spell check and other tools fall in the same category. Very valuable, but not without limitations. I think it’s ok to rely on these tools when one understands them. Blindly accepting what any tool says is dangerous. :)


  4. Martin

    I make a lot of mistakes when typing mainly because I type fast. The mistakes are often not because I can’t spell a certain word, but because I type in the error when pounding my keyboard :)

    Spell check comes in handy!


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