AtD Grammar And Spellchecking Bookmarklet

Raphael Mudge announced on the AfterTheDeadline blog today a pretty cool bit of news. He has released an AtD Bookmarklet that enables you to have the ability to check spelling, grammar, and misused words from your browser. The AtD button appears magically on every text field displayed on a web page.

A couple things worth noting about the bookmarklet. It currently does not work in Google Chrome. The bookmarklet is limited to 7,000 characters of text. It only works for TEXTAREA form elements and does not support WSYIWYG editors. Text boxes inside of an IFRAME are not accessible to the bookmarklet. If you’re interested in the source code behind this bookmarklet, it’s available here.

While FireFox has a built-in spell checker, I don’t think it has a grammar or misused word checker. Since the AtD bookmarklet has a very small footprint, it’s pretty cool to be able to use it outside of WordPress in FireFox to work in addition to the built-in spell checker.

Keep an eye on that AfterTheDeadline blog as Raphael has been doing some terrific work as it related to the After The Deadline service. It’s clearly evident in his writing that he has a passion for this stuff.


2 responses to “AtD Grammar And Spellchecking Bookmarklet”

  1. Thanks Jeff :) We have a lot in store for folks. It’s really exciting work both on the front-end and the back-end. For folks who want to know the difference between AtD spell check and what their browser has, I recommend trying this sentence for a comparison:

    Something to conoisur when talking to a wine conoisur.

    Safari does grammar check but AtD is the only technology in the web space doing misused word detection and contextual spell checking.

  2. Excellent – a way to add wholesome AtD goodness to all text fields!

    This is especially handy for me because I often visit the demo page on Raphael’s site, just to quickly check something I’m writing, this bookmarklet will save me that step. It is interesting, though, that AtD doesn’t yet know the word “bookmarklet” ;)

    It is a pity that it doesn’t work in Chrome, currently my favorite browser, it seems to almost work.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next, such a wonderful product – a product for conoisurs!


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