1. donnacha | WordSkill

    It would make a lot of sense to enable ATD for comments – increasing the readability of comments will increase the number of people who habitually read them and, therefore, will increase the number of people who get involved in discussions.

    It should also be turned on by default on WordPress.com – what is the point of having this great tool when the vast majority of bloggers won’t even be aware that it is an option?


  2. Huzzer Magazibe

    I am really happy to hear the news about the acquisition as it is pretty tough to have such software/plugin for WordPress as not all spellchecker is has high level of accuracy as ATD.

    Usually, I have to copy and paste my article first to Microsoft Words to use its spellchecker as I think the software is pretty good but unfortunately the process is pretty tedious though.

    Congrates WordPress and Matt for the latest acquistion.


    -Huzzer Magazine-


  3. Tomer

    > After The Deadline is a service that uses artificial intelligence to find writing errors and
    > offer smart suggestions.

    One program that is good is Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). It adds spell checking to all programs. Might be of interest. It also has an optional grammar checking.

    While it doesn’t use artificial intelligence it does a very nice job.


  4. Raphael Mudge

    @donnacha | WordSkill – I noticed we go to all the same websites, if we’re ever in the same bar, I’ll purchase a beverage of choice for you. AtD is already enabled for all users on WordPress.com. As for comments, I’ve heard several requests for this (and checking within the HTML editor as well).

    I’m working on improvements to the AtD service right now, but if no one builds this kind of addon first, I’ll take a stab at it with a WP.org plugin in the future.


  5. Jeffro

    @Raphael Mudge – Not sure how easy or practical it will be to include the button to initiate the check for comments but I can certainly see an AtD plugin being created for IntenseDebate which has a plugin system for comments.


  6. donnacha | WordSkill

    @Raphael Mudge – LOL. What you’re working on is so universally useful that, at this point, everyone in the WP community owes you a hearty drink. If you ever make it over to the UK, I’ll introduce you to a phenomenon known as Talisker single malt :)

    Keep up the good work.


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