1. _ck_

    It’s a shame WHY she said it got drowned out by egos who were “offended”.
    Alaska has 250% more rape cases than any other state.
    (now just imagine how high the real unreported rate is)
    Nothing done by the state to address it, never gets national attention.


  2. redwall_hp

    Goode figured she was mainly writing for herself and her friends back in New England. Describing this strange new place for her mom, or her sister.

    Why do people always think that? The internet is, by nature, not private. Why do people, time and time again, fall into this trap?


  3. Jeffro

    @redwall_hp – I have no idea why people think that. Same goes for people thinking no one is reading what they publish on the web only to find out that their boss has and they get fired :P


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