Blogger Refresh Looks A Little Familiar

From the screen shots I’ve seen as well as the feedback from a couple of different websites, it looks like Blogger has finally taken a few pages out of the book of WordPress in terms of the interface. thinks the refresh is too little, too late. I wonder how many people who participated in all of the interface testing for Blogger gave the suggestion “make it look like WordPress“.


  1. Their comment system still sucks. They can make the back end look as pretty as they want. Their comments are a pain, their layouts are a pain, and it’s not as flexible as even the free set up.


  2. They’re both tools, but (for me) WordPress self hosted is better to use. Hell, I’ll take Nucleus CMS over Blogger.


  3. @ES

    no, this post is completely negligible and inane.

    “after being a professional blogger (blogging full time) for more than a year now (In Self hosted WordPress),”

    hahah SO experienced


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