1. Otto

    Actually, it looks like there’s a simple change that needs to be made to fix it.

    Related info:


  2. Otto

    And done. Version 0.3 of the blogger importer plugin fixes the issue.



  3. Rahul Bansal

    Hi Jeffro,

    This is Rahul from BloggerToWP team.
    Thanks for the mention. :-)

    Otto is right that it was matter of minor fixes. But for the same reason, I feel that it should have been fixed earlier.
    Three months is way too much time to fix a small error like this. So I fixed and released the update myself.
    I believe this update, prompted wordpress developers to release 0.3 instantly.
    Had I know this before, I would have found some time for this earlier. ;-)

    I am surprised that, blogger-importer is now distributed as a wordpress plugin.
    Then why it’s not in the component list of plugin’s trac?
    Anyway thanks for the quick fix. :-)



  4. Otto

    The importers got moved to plugins around 3.0. I don’t know the reasoning there.


  5. Rahul Bansal

    @Otto – I checked detailed list of component and blogger-importer is missing from the component list.
    I manually added this component in drop-down list using firebug (thinking it might be UI glitch) but I still got warning on submission.
    May be core wordpress import/export tools, were added differently to plugin repo so “trac” has no “track of them”. Or may be just only moderators or automattic members can work on them.
    I hope you will figure it out. :-)

    Off-topic – On http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ we have link to add new forum topics. Can you add a direct link to add new “trac” ticket. Will help IMHO.


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