1. Scott Winterroth

    Just as long as it’s not Slim Shady! hehehe


  2. Anh Tran

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your review for Slim SEO. It’s great to know what other people think about it. It helps a lot for the future improvements of the plugin. I really appreciate that.

    Regarding the object reference, actually, I did that before but decided to remove it. From my experience, making public API too early probably is not a good idea, and can bring backward compatibility issues in the future. It will be hard if we want to refactor or change the code base which forces developers to rewrite their code, too.

    We’re consider your points in this review and see if we can improve it.



  3. Ina

    It is good to learn about simplicity in SEO usage for ranking. I’m a newbie in blogging & often get wired out in the process. Thank you for sharing your review.


  4. Li-An

    Thanks for the review. SEO management is quite boring and I try to use simple tools for it. I will have a look at this one – hoping it can import data from other SEO plugins.


  5. Gustavo Rodrigues da Silva

    In fact SEO plugins nowadays have become Swiss Army Knives that end up bothering the average user (and not so average) rather than helping.
    I am an SEO expert and consultant for clients. In these years of work I’ve seen many clients “optimize” their articles in meaningless ways. Just because they followed the rules of the plugins. I also notice how many content products have their creativity limited when trying to make the plugin “SEO score” all positive.
    SEO plugins are tools that may be useful for more experienced SEO users, within an established overall strategy, but end up disrupting users who just want to write.


  6. Binil

    Slim SEO is a superb plugin. Its a no nonsense install and forget plugin for beginners.


  7. Stefan Hempl

    Slimmed-down does not always equate to being better. You make sacrifices by allowing the plugin to make decisions that may not always be the best for your site.

    That’s same for yoast which adds schema org structured data without any simple (non-programming) possibility to disable parts or all of it. This might be nice for simple blogs but not for real cms use.


  8. Somnath Jadhav

    Looks simple and very easy to use, but with fewer features. I still prefer to use SEO by Yoast Plugin.


  9. Haris Akram

    I use Yoast SEO plugin on my website but this plugin seems easy to use even for biginners.


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