1. David Decker

    Yes, the Site Health Checks/ Tests are in general good, and could be very helpful.

    But when working with clients that have also the administrator on a site this could be a mess. I have a few projects where the client is also an admin. We already had discussions about these tests and the grading. Most clients are not so “technical” that they understand all these tests and checks and that case these tests are the opposite of useful…!
    This led me to use this Site Health Manager Tool, disable almost all tests so the client sees the big check mark that all is well.

    Additionally, I removed the grading via CSS so it is not shown at all. Now all is calm again. I rolled these tweaks out to all sites I manage.

    It makes no sense to discuss PHP or Hosting related stuff with people who are no experts in those fields. So when you are doing maintenance I can only but recommend to tweak these things to make your life easier.

    With all that said, the included Debug Info screen tab is really useful! Perfect for user support and other use cases!
    I already integrated with some of my plugins into that screen, like Jetpack, and it is really easy to do for plugin and theme authors. Please add your stuff there, it’s worth it!


  2. Somnath Jadhav

    I liked the site health feature. Now I know what to update or remove from the website. Thanks to the wp community for adding the feature.


  3. Rami Yushuvaev

    You should also check the Site Health Manager that allows you to disable debug information in addition to disabling status tests.



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