Scotch School Offers Free Course on Getting Started with JavaScript for Web Development

The Scotch School, a developer resource with video training and tutorials, is offering its Getting Started with JavaScript for Web Development course for free through the end of this week. If you’re just now getting started on your journey to learning JavaScript deeply, this 23-lesson video course from Chris Sevilleja offers a quick foundation on the basics with 4.7 hours of learning and hands-on practice.

The course includes lessons that introduce students to the following concepts:

  • Types and Variables
  • Operators
  • Comparisons
  • Conditionals, Flow, and Loops
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Built-in Objects

After completing the fundamentals, students move on to build a couple of starter applications. At the end of the course Sevilleja guides students through building a bookmarking type application for grabbing links from the web and storing them in local storage. Code for the course is available on GitHub and requires a basic set of tools: a browser with support for ES6 features, DevTools and the console, and a code editor.

The course is targeted at those who have already learned HTML and CSS but don’t know JavaScript yet. It’s also helpful for developers who have jumped into jQuery, Angular, React, or other libraries but haven’t taken the time to learn the core language first.

The Scotch School has two other free courses at the moment: 10 Need to Know JavaScript Concepts and Build an Online Shop with Vue. The site also offers a wide selection tutorials and paid courses on using Angular, React, Sass, CSS, Git, Node, Laravel, HTML, and other technologies.

Getting Started with JavaScript for Web Development will go back to being a paid course next week but WP Tavern readers can use a coupon for 3 months free to continue learning at the Scotch School.


4 responses to “Scotch School Offers Free Course on Getting Started with JavaScript for Web Development”

  1. Thanks for the free JS training resource. These type of courses only teach the basics. Most people struggle with making something useful with what they have learned. I have seen this even with people who have spent years in CS under graduate degrees.

    Any resource that is awesome for that purpose?


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