Fall Enrollment for Zac Gordon’s JavaScript for WordPress Course Closes This Friday

photo credit: ParisJS, May 2012 - (license)
photo credit: ParisJS, May 2012(license)

Zac Gordon, a WordPress educator, has opened enrollment for the Fall for his JavaScript for WordPress course. Gordon created the course after Treehouse dropped WordPress from its library in late 2015.

Open enrollment began on October 25th and ends this Friday, November 4th. You can either take all four parts of the course for $397 or a single part for $199. The next open enrollment period will be in 2017.

A Four Part Course

The first part of the course covers basic and advanced JavaScript skills and development tools. Students will also learn how to create a single page web application built with JavaScript called VanillaPress.

The second part of the course is dedicated to JavaScript libraries and frameworks where students will learn how to build a decoupled web application called ReactPress using React and the WordPress REST API.

The third part covers the WordPress REST API. Using OAuth, students will add OAuth support for ReactPress and add Save and Edit abilities to the app via the API.

The fourth and final part of the course is devoted to real world projects. Students will learn how to build single page plugins, mobile apps, and JavaScript powered themes that use the REST API.

The course is geared towards those who want to “Learn JavaScript, deeply,” a task assigned to the WordPress community by Matt Mullenweg in his 2015 State of the Word presentation. For more details on the course material and to enroll, visit the JavaScript for WordPress site.

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  1. I didn’t even know this existed, and it’s been something I’ve been very curious about.

    Thanks Jeff,


  2. As someone who purchased this course during the previous enrollment period, I can’t recommend it high enough. I admit that I knew almost everything from the basics section, but there were some “gotchas” I wish someone told me before I started learning JavaScript on my own.


  3. TeamTreeHouse has made a Mistake and they will pay for it. Zac Gordon is going to make WordPress great again.


  4. What is the point? JavaScript ain’t anything WordPress specific. Is it better JavaScript course than all the others that are available at a lower price? Or is it just the REST API segment people actually participate for?


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