1. Tony Zeoli

    If it’s that hard to get up and running, you can do the same thing in Divi in a few hours. See https://67biltmore.com. Built that in Divi with Open Menu for the restaurant menu system. Some light custom coding, but overall no reason to back yourself into a fixed restaurant theme that needs all those additional plugins and all that heavy lifting. I specialize in restaurant themes and wouldn’t use a theme like Rosa 2 – especially with all the issues you’ve described.


  2. Anh Tran

    This is a good example of the theme that leverages the block editor to build content. And I think it’s encouraging. I’d expect the installation & setup easier, but requiring plugins is the common way today when building themes to sell.


  3. Ela

    How many times did you actually install a wordpress theme? And which one did “run out of the box”? Please do tell, I am genuinely interested as a freelancer. Usually they come with loads of required plugins. This has only TWO. I worked with Rosa and Osteria and they really gave me a breather in terms of installing, customizing, bit of custom CSS. Plus, I can totally make an “one page” website with this time. So to me this review makes me want to buy the theme cause all I’ve read, are the pros. Cheers!


    • Justin Tadlock

      How many times did you actually install a wordpress theme? And which one did “run out of the box”? Please do tell, I am genuinely interested as a freelancer.

      I’ve installed thousands of WordPress themes over the years. Most of them run out of the box.


    • Ryan Hellyer

      I have around 100 themes in my local themes folder right now, and I’m pretty sure every single one of them works straight out of the box. I consider a theme which doesn’t work straight out of the box to be somewhat broken.


    • Rhys Clay

      Check out the wp astra themes they work great out of the box with gutenberg


  4. Matthew Harris

    Considering this site is listed in WordPress dashboards I think this review is pretty unfair.

    The negativity is baked into the headline and slug, and when you read it, this is because you didn’t follow the instructions.

    Every theme I have ever purchased comes with an install section of the documentation where it explains the custom install requirements. The required plugins vs recommended plugins does exist as a concept so if you have skipped it then you should start again. What do you expect the theme author to do when you run half of the theme?

    Testing it on an install with a huge amount of content already in it so it breaks the limits of the design seems harsh as well.

    The best you can muster is to say that, when you set it up how it was supposed to be used, and tried to build a restaurant theme style page with it, the theme was amazing and got you sorted in a few minutes.

    That should have been the whole review.


  5. Codetipi

    Rosa 2 looks really sleek. Great job Pixelgrade team!

    I feel the ‘required plugins’ bits mentioned in the review were a bit harsh though, as the majority of real users will follow the instructions and simply install all required plugins from the beginning :P


  6. Philip Arthur Moore

    I’m in the camp of people who believes themes should work out of the box.

    You lost me here.

    Most require setup and reading the manual. Default themes don’t even work that well without reading instructions.

    This review is a bit weird. A better approach would have been to perhaps expand on what you believe makes a theme good “out of the box” especially given how rapidly development expectations around them are changing.

    Devs reviewing products for real users sometimes misses the mark. This was one of those times.


    • Emil


      used to refer to the immediate usability or functionality of a newly purchased product, typically an electronic device or a piece of software.

      Setup, has nothing to do with that. ;)


      • Philip Arthur Moore

        immediate usability or functionality of a newly purchased product

        No theme fits this description. 🙃

        Most require setup or additional steps to make a site into a site. Semantics aside, I’ll put it this way: there’s not a single theme on the market that does not require additional steps to make a site look the way it’s intended to look by developers. And everyone knows this. That this is a point of contention in a niche theme review is silly.

        That’s why demo content and instructions exist. And it’s also why default content on the .org site makes most themes look awful – because they weren’t built for demo or one-size-fits-all content.


      • Emil Uzelac

        If that was the case, not a single theme would be approved at Theme Forest for example, since this is a requirement ;)

        To look as intended is still not what this means, sorry :)

        Out of the box

        Themes must work out of the box before any plugins are activated.

        Full advertised functionality is not required, but they must do everything a basic WordPress theme should do, such as display posts, pages, archive pages, home page, blog page, search, etc., and they must be styled as closely as possible to the full design as shown in the demo.



  7. Peter

    The majority of this post telling a story about one’s own user error. A part of the post is about how one tries to break the theme even after reading the manual. Only the rest is about what this post should have been.


  8. Bianca

    I see some discusion on the “Out of the box” terminology. There is a difference between getting a theme to work and to make it look like the demo (or as the developer intended the theme to look).

    After activating you should be able to use it, no matter how it looks.

    When first activating the theme, the front page of your website will become a completely white screen. It is not the dreaded White Screen of Death caused by an error. Instead, the theme is forcibly hiding the content with custom styles.

    When a developer goes as far as hiding your content (which really should work right out of the box), before the required plugins are installed; That’s locking in and should be avoided.


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