1. Scott Kingsley Clark

    We’re using Swiftype on the new Pods site, it works great!


  2. Luke Francl

    Thanks for the review Jeff! We are trying to make Swiftype as easy to install as possible so it’s good to hear your experience was mostly good.

    One small correction: we do allow users to search by tags. We’d like to add category names to the index as well and will probably do this soon. More advanced queries (like date ranges or category filters) are possible by adding filters, as described in the Customizing WordPress Search tutorial you linked to.


  3. Jeffro

    @Luke Francl – I corrected the mistake in the article. Maybe I could have you on the WordPress Weekly show sometime to go more in-depth on search, why it’s hard and how Swiftype is trying to make it easy for everyone else. I think it would make for a great show.


  4. TCBarrett

    I’ve had to build my own search in order to include term descriptions and meta data. And to be able to sort results by terms and meta.

    Give me a shout when you find something like that, save me further headaches :-)


  5. kisshoma

    Am I missing something here? Nobody mentioned Relevanssi?
    I only began using it after an extensive research and it is great so far. Love to here other objective opinions about it.


  6. Jeffro

    @kisshoma – Relevanssi is on my list of things to review since so many people have recommended it.


  7. Nick

    @kisshoma – I found Relevanssi seemed to struggle with larger WP sites (which is something the plugin author even mentions). Our site has around 6000 posts and it seemed to kind of stall out. If you have a vps and the ability to install java and elasticsearch, I found Fantastic Elasticsearch to be an excellent plugin. With a few tweak I was even able to boost newer results based off of the date. Also searches are extremely fast.


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