WPWeekly Episode 120 – Interview With Swiftype Not The Teapot

WordPress Weekly Cover Art The first time in a long time where I won’t be doing the show solo anymore! Sarah Gooding who has recently been hired to write for WPTavern is also my new co-host. This week, we discussed her hiring and what she’ll be doing on the site, Pressgram launching, and why WordCamp Detroit 2013 was cancelled. The second half of the show was an interview with Quin Hoxie of Swiftype to talk about how their service is making search inside of WordPress better. As an aside, I apologize for the howling sound heard throughout the show although it would have been a cool background noise effect for the Friday the 13th edition! I tried to remove the loudest parts of the howling noise but it’s still noticeable. We’ll have this fixed before the next episode.

Stories Discussed:

Sarah Gooding Joins WPTavern
Why WordCamp Detroit 2013 Was Cancelled
Pressgram Launches
Pressgram Security Concerns
Pressgram Terms Of Service Worries

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Friday, September 13th 9P.M. Eastern – Special Guest John James Jacoby

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