Review Of Advanced Exporter For WP/WPMU

I really need to start doing more of these if I’m ever going to improve. This screencast features a review of the Advanced Exporter plugin for WordPress and WPMU by Ron Rennick. This plugin adds the type of functionality I’ve been expecting out of the WordPress exporter ever since I learned about the process. With it, you can easily export a single category of a blog to import into another. That is something many people have wanted an easy way to do for a long time. You can also use the restrictions to create multiple WXR files in case you can’t import a single large file. Also worthy of note as that this plugin was entered into the WeblogToolsCollection plugin competition for 2009. I know this thing is going to be a big hit whether Ron wins or not, I’ll make sure it does. Thanks for creating it Ron.

I recommend watching this video in FullScreen mode in order to make out the text and such. One of these days, I’ll figure out the magic presets for Viddler publishing.

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