1. Andrea_R

    We’re glad you liked it. :)


  2. Ron

    Thanks for the review :)


  3. Jeffro

    Ahh, it’s the WPMU all star team :) Thanks for creating it Ron. My guess is, it will do well in the voting stage of the competition.


  4. Dgold

    What are some reasons why you might want to do this? Is it for moving to a different host? Combining 2 blogs that you used to do separately, and now want to do them under 1 roof? Just wondering what are some practical examples of the use of it. The screencast was good, clear for showing how it works.


  5. Jeffro

    @Dgold – Here are some examples.

    Moving a specific section of content from one WordPress blog to another. Currently, there is no easy way to do this.

    Easily create multiple WXR files so you can import them in chunks instead of one large file.

    Export only the content you want instead of exporting everything.


  6. Adam W. Warner

    @Jeffro, thanks for promoting Ron’s work, he and Andrea are true WPMU rockstars:)
    @Ron, thanks for releasing this plugin, congrats and good luck!

    @Dgold – Here’s a use case that I have in mind. Let’s assume I have an MU setup running a clothing store and I have 85 categories in the main blog, one for shoes, shirts, pants, etc. After running this for awhile, let’s say I want to start creating niche blogs that focus on one kind of apparel. I could simply create another blog called shirts in my MU setup, then use this plugin to export only posts in the shirt category and populate this new blog.


  7. Andrea_R

    Another use is if you have a lot of categories and decide to remove one (say, some business talk from your personal blog) and start a blog on just that topic.

    Some people also have issues with very large sized export files. Either the server won’t form them, or import a larger file, and this is a good way to chunk a large site export into smaller files for import without tearing your hair out over php.ini settings or manually dividing up the file.


  8. Ron

    You’re welcome. Another instance where you will have a large export file is a blog that has a high number of comments. If the blog averages 100 comments per post, 1000 posts make 100K comments and a very large export file.


  9. Tinh

    Excellent one, that is what I really want as I am too bad at exporting and importing. Thanks for your nice work


  10. Kel

    Yes – looks great. But why exactly is it that the default WP install (and Advanced Exporter) do not export Links and Link Categories? Or am I missing something here?


  11. Jeffro

    @Kel – I don’t know. There has to be a reason though besides links not being important enough to include.


  12. Kel

    @Jeffro – Right. Except that Links are important enough to actually be in Core – just not important enough to import/export. Odd.


  13. Christine Baker

    Yeah, very odd. It is such an incredible waste of time to manually have to add the same 15 or 20 links to EVERY blog. I kept thinking that I’m missing the simple way to copy links, but apparently it doesn’t exist.

    If there is a way to copy or export links, I’d sure like to know how. Thanks!


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