1. John Myrstad

    I guess whats needed to get it into core is someone doing the code. If its up to core devs its weighted against other prioritized tasks, and 3.0 will be a big update taking all resources.

    I suggested Scissors plugin for core integration, and the author Stephan Reiter did quit a lot of the heavy lifting.



  2. Jeffro

    @John Myrstad – Yeah even donncha suggested that with a few changes, it could get into core. Some of those changes Ron has already put into the plugin so I don’t think this will be that hard to incorporate into WordPress 3.0. Then again, what do I know.


  3. Andrea_R

    I expect with the concentration on features going into 2.9, and then the freeze, it will be put on hold until the 2.9 beta is out the door.


  4. Jeffro

    @Andrea_R – Right. The 3.0 branch won’t be created until WordPress 2.9 hits RC1


  5. Adam W. Warner

    Agreed and voted up. It will be a nice addition.


  6. Bill

    This would be a great addition to WP core.

    I’ve suggested an enhancement which would allow you to export a specific page and all of its children, too. I’m hoping this makes it into the plugin.


  7. John Myrstad

    Has anyone made a ticket for the inclusion of Advanced Exporter?

    If no, and the plugin fixes anything that might be considered a bug, it should be easier to get it in since bugfixes have higher priority than enhancements.


  8. John Myrstad

    Not included in 2.9 it seems:



  9. Jeffro

    @John Myrstad – Yeah. I knew it had no shot in getting in with 2.9 but with Rons work I think it stands a very good chance coming with 3.0


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