1. Emil Uzelac

    Good luck Jami! Awesome lady, great themes :)


  2. Ray

    What long-term support will be offered to the people who just purchased themes? There is probably no legal commitment ( certainly not for the users of the free releases ), but I imagine people invested based on reputation, now they have no control over who takes over, if anyone.


  3. Mijai

    I’d really like to enter in a meaningful discussion about this, just trying to understand.

    Why would a business that generates $5k a month and has no real value without any heavy advertising be asking for…$150k to be bought on? The asking price is crazy, assuming the instability of the market and the shelf-life of a theme.

    Could someone lend in some logic? It’s just baffling.


    • mark k.

      And 5k is just the revenue and not profits….. but where did you get the 150k figure?


      • acosmin

        From here: http://feinternational.com/buy-a-website/6265-wordpress-theme-business-5k-net-mo

        The real value is in the themes collection and themeforest account. Do you know how hard is to get 75k worth (Elite Author) of sales on TF :) and how much time it takes to get there?

        I agree the valuation is a bit on the high side. Also, If you can develop great themes and already be an Elite Author, you can get that money back in a year or so…


        • mark k.

          WordPress themes are being sold so cheap there is no real value in them except for some big players (if there was, there would have been no sale). You also need to calculate the time required to master them in order to be able to support and continue development.

          For getting the money back you need to calculate profit not revenue. I don’t believe the 5k figure is profit as it probably excludes time invested in development and support. Even 100hr/mo in a rate of 50$/hr will bring you to no profit at all. If you can find someone cheaper to do the same work for 30$/hr you get a 2k$/mo profit and you will return the 150k$ in 6 years.

          My impression of themeforest is that it is a place for designers of have a dream on a working wordpress themes business, but almost the only ones that make real money over there are evanto which explains the general low quality of themes and support there (ok, been a while since I was forced to buy a theme from there, maybe it had improved in the last two years).


  4. Wal

    The revenues & asking price are listed here – I little bit too much if you ask me…


  5. Red Melon

    Good Luck. Curious to know how this will continue. 150K seems much!


  6. Craig Hesser

    I am not involved in the buying and selling of Internet properties, but many companies in “fast-turnover” businesses are evaluated on the basis of sales over somewhere between one and three years of sales (a rule of thumb) – having said that, there are, of course, many many more rules of thumb that various people use.

    If you use that as the measuring stick, $150’000 divided by $5’000 per month gives a value of 30 months – 2-1/2 years. It seems to me to be a little in the high side, but that also is the starting point for the negotiations. On the down side, you do not know (or at least I don’t) whether Jami has a large personal following, in which case, the sales can drop significantly when she is no longer personally involved with the operation.

    Good luck Jami, both on the sale and your future activities!


    • Marko Heijnen

      I had the same reaction as you and Mark. That amount of money only makes sense if the profit is really the profit with deduction of salary. I was thinking to start a conversation but I was thinking of 45.000 instead of 150.000. In my case I’m looking at 75%-150% of the revenue. So in my case I was on the bottom.


  7. WPVKP

    I am really curious to see who becomes the new owner of rescue themes. But the asking price is really too..oo much.


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