1. David Decker

    Sure, there’s a market for it. Really, absolutely no surprise here.
    There was already a quite popular German-based (free) theme directory around 2006/ 2007. That was discontinued for a lot of reasons (as of my knowledge), but surely not because of language-based reasons.

    I hope this new shop will be a success and many more language and/or niche-based shops to follow!

    Congrats to all behind this initiative! :)


  2. zeine77

    This is a great news, it gives me as a French speaker more choices and features for specific needs.
    Hope this initiative will be a success and other language based theme shops follow (Especially in Arabic, this niche is neglected though the number of Internet users in Arabic countries is expending with a potential of 400 million persons).


  3. indo55bet

    I hope this new store will be a success and a lot of innovation


  4. Sami Keijonen

    Congrats to Devin the Developer and Fx the Franslations! Fx have already done so much helping others out what comes to translations.

    Hope them all the best!


  5. FX Benard

    Thanks for your support and to you Sarah for this nice resume of our new theme shop “française”. We hope offering the best themes for all Francophone WordPress users. i18n is the way and we hope with Hexagone we’ll open the road for more language niche places.
    Pour les lecteurs français vous pouvez en savoir plus en vous rendant ici https://hexagone.io/blog/


  6. Benjamin Intal

    I wish Price and Bernard the best. I hope that you guys share your experiences with Hexagone, as those would really be beneficial to a lot of people who are still starting up.


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