New French Theme Shop Hexagone Launches with Free and Commercial WordPress Themes


Earlier this week, WP Theming‘s Devin Price announced a partnership with French translation specialist Fx Benard on a new theme shop aimed at the French-speaking WordPress community. Hexagone is now open for business with four products available – two commercial themes and two free themes.

The duo plan to expand to offer more “products, support, content, and documentation in the language of Molière.” Price joined forces with Bernard after successfully working with him on translation workflows and French translations for DevPress themes. The shop’s name is derived from “l’Hexagone,” which is often used to describe France’s geographical shape.

Price and Bernard are aiming to make Hexagone the leading source for WordPress themes and tutorials in French. “There aren’t too many companies in this space yet, and we’re hoping a great company that’s devoted to the ideals of open-source can do well,” he said. “There’s 75 million native speakers of French and about 338 million total.”

While the vast majority of theme shops conduct business and support in English, the number of non-English speaking WordPress users is on the rise. Hexagone’s founders believe that the market is ripe for a theme shop that can provide French language-specific products, documentation, articles, and support. “If it takes off, we’d love to hire some writers and developers to work with us full-time,” Price said.

Hexagone published a detailed writeup of the technologies used to build the online storefront. The site is powered by Easy Digital Downloads, Stripe, Gravity Forms, and their Reunion theme. The article offers insight on the different types of plugins and technologies useful for selling digital products with WordPress.

If Hexagone is successful, it will demonstrate that there is room in the wide world of WordPress themes for more language-niche theme shops. WordPress’ continued international success depends on the ability for non-English speakers to be able to find documentation and support in their own native languages. Hexagone is setting out to prove that the French market is ready for it.


7 responses to “New French Theme Shop Hexagone Launches with Free and Commercial WordPress Themes”

  1. Sure, there’s a market for it. Really, absolutely no surprise here.
    There was already a quite popular German-based (free) theme directory around 2006/ 2007. That was discontinued for a lot of reasons (as of my knowledge), but surely not because of language-based reasons.

    I hope this new shop will be a success and many more language and/or niche-based shops to follow!

    Congrats to all behind this initiative! :)

  2. This is a great news, it gives me as a French speaker more choices and features for specific needs.
    Hope this initiative will be a success and other language based theme shops follow (Especially in Arabic, this niche is neglected though the number of Internet users in Arabic countries is expending with a potential of 400 million persons).

  3. Congrats to Devin the Developer and Fx the Franslations! Fx have already done so much helping others out what comes to translations.

    Hope them all the best!

  4. Thanks for your support and to you Sarah for this nice resume of our new theme shop “française”. We hope offering the best themes for all Francophone WordPress users. i18n is the way and we hope with Hexagone we’ll open the road for more language niche places.
    Pour les lecteurs français vous pouvez en savoir plus en vous rendant ici

  5. I wish Price and Bernard the best. I hope that you guys share your experiences with Hexagone, as those would really be beneficial to a lot of people who are still starting up.


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