1. Wolfard

    I love the new interface of Rankmath plugin. Saves me from scrolling up and down all the time when optimizing an article.


    • Greg Hyatt

      Absolutely. It is much better where it is easily accessible to make quick changes to a multitude of items without having to scroll back to the bottom of the post itself to do the same thing. Since I utilize Elementor, this was a huge blessing in the way that Rank Math integrates itself into the builder making things much easier to manage.


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    Free is great, but… eventual pricing has not been published.

    Not knowing pricing for the forthcoming premium version, and how will the free version be affected when their premium version is offered is a show stopper.


  3. WP Troop

    Congratulations Rank Math for adding WordPress Block Editor Support. The recent feature will help this awesome plugin to grow along with Gutenberg.


  4. Gaurav Tiwari

    I love Rank Math. However, they should display a notice on the dashboard to let me know that they have moved the options from the bottom to Gutenberg sidebars. Was totally confused about where to look. I have several addons installed and by default, Block Editor hid Rank Math Options.


  5. Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)

    Rankmath has a lot of free features which I really like


  6. kevin kovadia

    Now, this is something great, With #Gutenberg support, it is more simple, quick and visually appealing. great work
    @rankmathseo and #Gutenberg team.


  7. Yasin

    Im using RankMath for a while and i love it. I hope they keep their word and dont limit the free version when premium one is up.
    And the only thing im still waiting for upgrade is “other languages” support on seo scores. The special charachters still making beginners nervous when they get lower points.


  8. ThaiWP

    I’m switched to RankMath (from Yoast) for a while and I think they’re getting better and better. I like RankMath UI which is more organized and straight to the point. The plugin also works well with Elementor.


  9. JB

    Thinking of switching over from Yoast, do I need to uninstall Yoast to work with Rank Math or can I have both installed at the same time while I decide if I like it or not?


    • Justin Tadlock

      It’s probably not a good idea to run two separate SEO plugins on a live site. I would recommend running Rank Math on a test install to see how you like it first.

      Both plugins can import settings and metadata from the other plugin, so you may be able to switch back and forth. I cannot say how well the import functionality works for either plugin, so use my advice cautiously by storing a backup if you go that route.


  10. Trishan

    I loved the new sidebar block that RankMath unveiled. Now I can insert keywords and meta information without scrolling to the bottom. I am waiting for the keyword tracking feature in the RankMath search console dashboard which is showing a ‘coming soon’ notice for the last many months.


  11. Atul Jaiswal

    Having these settings on the right side is a bit congested for me. I liked it at the bottom only.


  12. Knut Nägele

    Thanks for this article about the support of the block editor. I have just started using RankMath, and am getting more and more happy sbout it.


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